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Tim Uhl
General Manager
(301) 777-8588

19 Years Experience

Jeff Uhl

21 Years Experience

Greg Uhl
(301) 777-8588

45 Years Experience

Linda Uhl
(301) 777-8588

27 Years Experience

Travis Wilson
Sales Manager
(301) 777-8588

12 Years Experience

Travis is one of our longest tenured employees. He started as a member of our reconditioning department. His personality shined, and our management quickly realized that he would make a great addition to the sales staff. Travis quickly became one of our top salesman and continued to do so for 10 years until he was promoted to his current position as Sales Manager. Under his guidance, the Queen City Motors sales team has been able to reach new heights and break a record number of goals. Travis is a one-of-a-kind asset to the company and Queen City Motors is glad to have him on board, and can't wait to see what the future brings!



Matt Cline
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

40 Years Experience

Matt has been with the company since September 2012, but he has a wealth of knowledge from being in the car industry for over 40 years! He has been an integral part of the sales team since the day he started. Matt has never met a stranger and is eager to help his clientele with anything at any time. Queen City Motors is lucky to have Matt on our team!

Dallas Hockman
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

2 Years Experience

Dallas has been a great asset to our sales staff. With his magnetic personality and fun-loving demeanor, he has distinguished himself as a top-notch member of our team. Dallas is a strong believer that if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life, and he does just that! Queen City Motors is grateful to have Dallas on our team!

Alex Noechel
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

With his natural people skills and easy-going demeanor, Alex has made a big impact on the sales team. Alex started with us in April of 2018 and since then, has shown himself to be a valuable piece of our staff, and continues to do so on a daily basis. He hones his craft everyday and it shows, which is why we look forward to having him on our team for years to come!

Tim Arnold
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

Tasia Page
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

Michael Morris
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588



Brett Files
Director of Finance
(301) 777-8588



Michael Knippenberg
Service Manager
(301) 777-8588

3 Years Experience

When he was first hired on as a Sales Professional, Micheal instantly became a champion of our customers. He wants to make sure that every customer that he encounters has the best experience possible, whether that be thoroughly explaining each step of the process, or simply having a nice conversation. Michael has since taken that approach in his new position as Service Manager and continues to put our customers first.



Blaine Bridges
(240) 362-7012

9 Years Experience

Blaine started his career at Queen City Motors as a reconditioning technician. He eventually worked his way up to the manager in that department. When it became evident that, with our growth, we would need a designated buyer for the company, Blaine was an easy choice. With his vast knowledge of vehicles, both mechanically and aesthetically, he has been a great fit in his current role as a buyer for Queen City Motors.



B.J. Swarner
Reconditioning Manager
(240) 362-7012



Cody Steckman
Marketing Manager
(240) 362-7012

8 Years Experience