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Tim Uhl
(301) 777-8588

24 Years Experience

Tim is the 3rd Generation to co-own Queen City Motors with his brother Jeff. Tim started in the business in 1999. Tim is the voice of Queen City Motors, literally. He is the one you hear on the radio and TV ads. His drive and determination to be the best has taken Queen City Motors to new heights. As the dealership grew, Tim stepped into his father Greg's position as Owner & General Manager. As General Manager, Tim works diligently with his management staff to assure the best customer experience every time you visit our dealership. We will continue to put our customers 1st. I personally
guarantee it.

Jeff Uhl

27 Years Experience

Jeff is a 3rd generation owner. He grew up working alongside his father, Greg, even before he had his driver's license. He started at a young age detailing vehicles. Later on he would accompany his father to the auctions where they would buy and sell vehicles for many years, an aspect of the job that Jeff loved. In 2005, Jeff changed roles and started managing the new Queen City Motors service department. Jeff oversaw tremendous growth of the service department for 15 years. At present time, Jeff has now moved into an ownership role and helps with the purchasing of vehicles for the dealership, a role that he has had great success with in the past. Jeff continues to be an integral part of Queen City Motors, just as he was all those years ago as a kid

Linda Uhl
(301) 777-8588

27 Years Experience

The matriarch of Queen City Motors, Linda perhaps best exemplifies what we are all about. She treats each and every member of our staff as if they were a member of her very own family. With a smile that brightens up every room she enters, and a strong work ethic, it is no wonder that everyone she meets can't help but love her. Without Linda, Queen City Motors would not have blossomed into what it has today.

Travis Wilson
General Manager
(301) 777-8588

15 Years Experience

Travis is one of our longest tenured employees. He started as a member of our reconditioning department. His personality shined, and our management quickly realized that he would make a great addition to the sales staff. Travis quickly became one of our top salesman and continued to do so for 10 years until he was promoted to his current position as Sales Manager. Under his guidance, the Queen City Motors sales team has been able to reach new heights and break a record number of goals. Travis is a one-of-a-kind asset to the company and Queen City Motors is glad to have him on board, and can't wait to see what the future brings!

Tim Arnold
Sales Manager
(301) 777-8588

3 Years Experience

Tim has dedicated himself to the service of our customers. Very easy to get along with, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure every single customer is comfortable and satisfied with the experiences they have with him. With that dedication, Tim has been promoted to Sales Manager in our dealership, a role that we know he will thrive in.

Dallas Hockman
Sales Manager
(301) 777-8588

4 Years Experience

Dallas has been a great asset to our sales staff. With his magnetic personality and fun-loving demeanor, he has distinguished himself as a top-notch member of our team. Dallas is a strong believer that if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life, and he does just that! Queen City Motors is grateful to have Dallas on our team!

Mike Knippenberg
Service Manager
(301) 777-8588

5 Years Experience

When he was first hired on as a Sales Professional, Micheal instantly became a champion of our customers. He wants to make sure that every customer that he encounters has the best experience possible, whether that be thoroughly explaining each step of the process, or simply having a nice conversation. Michael has since taken that approach in his new position as Service Manager and continues to put our customers first.

Brett Files
KBB ICO Specialist
(301) 707-5877

B.J. Swarner
Reconditioning Manager
(240) 362-7012

B.J. has done an excellent job getting the best from our Reconditioning Department. Under his management, they were able to set a multitude of records that previously seemed unattainable. With his friendly demeanor and leadership skills, as well as the respect from the team that works with him, it's easy to see why he's been so successful. We are very happy to have him on our team and look forward to many years to come.



Kaitlin Wariner
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

Brian Records
Sales Professional
(301) 777-0888

Aidan Harper
Sales Professional
(301) 777-0888

Tasia Page
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

1 Year Experience

With her warm smile and infectious personality, Tasia has been an excellent member of our sales staff. She proves everyday that she is dedicated to her craft and absolutely loves what she does and the people she helps with the sales process. Tasia has and always will be a beloved addition to our sales team.

JD Hook
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

Alex Noechel
Sales Professional
(3010 777-8588

Kennedy Wolfe
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588

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Michael Wilson
Sales Professional
(301) 777-8588


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