At Queen City Motors, we want to make your experience as simple and as efficient as possible. When buying a car, there are a lot of documents that are needed in order to finalize a deal. Instead of making multiple trips home, we want to set you up for success! In order to purchase a car, we will need these documents:

A Valid Driver's License
Must be issued from the state that you are registering the car. The only exception is people in the military. Their license can be issued by any state.

A Current Insurance Card
The card must have the name of the person who is buying that car and whose name is going to be on the title. It does not have to be for your new vehicle, it can be for a current vehicle. We will contact your insurance company at the dealership and update your insurance binder.

A Current Registration Card
This applies if you are trading in your car and still have a lien against your car or if you are going to transfer your current license plate to your new car.

The Title of the Car You Are Trading
This only applies if you are trading a vehicle that does not have a bank lien. Some states (Maryland, for example) have two parts to their title. Make sure you bring both parts of the title.

Make sure you bring all parties that need to sign paperwork
This includes anyone on the trade title or anyone signing the bank loan paperwork, which includes Co-signers and Co-owners. Also, anyone going on the title of the car your are purchasing must be present.

Proof of Income
The banks and credit unions that we work with require paystubs that show year-to-date totals and require the last 2 paystubs.

If you are unsure if you have the proper documents and just want to verify, give us a call. We have trained professionals that are willing to answer your questions or concerns in relationship to paperwork or titling questions! As always, have a blessed day!

With any questions, please contact us at 301-777-8588.